« Minka weaves a sustainable thread between traditional crafts and modern skateboard, “to bond two worlds together, to built a common language and to proudly wear the responsibility of a renewed board culture.”

Launched shortly before 2016 between Tours and Paris by two young creators, Minka Skateboards has just released its first collection, Heritage and limited edition.

To start its collection of decks, Minka Stakeboards has ferreted a Lan Skateboards stock, a cult brand born in Florida, renowned from the start for making some of the best shapes in the world in the 70s’.

“The design of Minka Stakeboards is directly in uenced by the textile industy, the canvas and the traditional crocheted pieces. We waver between familial souvenirs and embroidered miscellanea of the 19th and 20th century”.

Website : www.minkaskateboards.com

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AW17 Collection